Pasadena, CA SEO Services

Augustus Films provides professional Pasadena, CA SEO Services and the greater Los Angeles region.

Our SEO Services range from:

  • Providing SEO and ranking local terms for mom and pops and small businesses
  • Ranking keywords for medium sized to large companies with global initiatives and keywords
  • Supporting independent or indie film makers by optimizing and ranking film and film keywords
  • Providing digital road maps and customer profiles to use with the SEO
  • Utilizing our web design team to ensure the SEO and web design work seamlessly to take customers through the proper conversion funnel

Our SEO Projects Span:

  • Ranking many Television | Web | Commercial | Feature Films
  • Doing analysis of the current state of a site or projects SEO
  • Providing a digital road map and articulating online conversion funnel

Our Rates:

We typically work on flat rate fees per project or $50/hour.

Our Guarantee:

Our SEO Specialists and creative team work closely to ensure that all the right elements are utilized in order to represent the client’s brand the right way. This allows us to stay as close to the project as possible and maintain creative control throughout the entire process.

We provide the best Pasadena, CA SEO Services and will work with you until the work product is what you imagined. Why?
Because We Live to Tell your Story. Please reach out to us here on our contact us page for more on our video editing services right here in Los Angeles. We can discuss your project and provide a free quote of what our services would entail and what we would provide.